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  • I would highly recommend Proactive IT Solutions because they do everything well. They are fast, efficient, loyal, dedicated and honest people. They make my IT problems go away as they just fix any issues I have and they fix those issues quickly; within a few hours, or at least on the same day the problems occur.

    They offer exceptional service, it's as simple as that.

    The staff are absolute superb IT geeks. For anyone that wants a geek, they are chockablock full of them and that's brilliant. They charge a fair fee and if something isn't broken they tell me that, so that's how they come across as being honest.

    I have been using Proactive IT Solutions since 2003 and I have no intention of changing providers. I constantly recommend them to my clients.
  • The way Proactive IT Solutions helps us has always been good and prompt; we can ring them and someone calls us back straight away. Their communication is always good.

    They have a great understanding of us as a company and what we do, which is very important I think; they understand the importance and what it means to have a system that works and that we cannot afford any down time. They do their best to ensure that doesn't happen.
  • What makes Proactive IT Solutions a ten out of ten is their prompt service, the friendliness of the staff and their professionalism.

    They are quite prompt when I lodge a job, they get back to me very quickly and any problems that we have encountered have been resolved very quickly as well; I would say within the same day, which is fantastic.

    They know who I am when I call, which is great, so they seem to be engaged in who they deal with and that is always a good sign. The combination of all those reasons is what makes them a very professional company to deal with, so I will certainly be using them in the future.

    Their migration to our new email hosted service was very good, they helped to set that up and they did the whole thing for us. Setting up the mail was quite a big project and they completed that with ease. It was stress free for me as I literally didn't have to do much, they handled the whole project, so that is what I really enjoyed.

    I would definitely recommend Proactive IT Solutions because the staff provide very good service and that is the main stand out to me.
  • I have been dealing with Proactive IT Solutions for quite some time now and they have always taken really good care of us. We rely on them heavily with computer infrastructures in our business and they always respond really quickly, they come out here really quickly and they always act very quickly; within the same day and they get issues resolved.

    I don't have to worry about the implications, the ins and outs, or any technical stuff, they take care of it all. They never make me feel silly when I don't understand what they are doing or talking about either, which is really important.

    I adore (founder) Damien Battersby, I have found him just to be so down to earth and genuine, he is someone I really trust and I felt that instantly. For me, that is really important in my business to feel that with someone because anyone could tell me anything about IT and I would have to believe them as I don’t know any different. I feel that Damien always has our best interests at heart with any decision that gets made and I can't put a price on that.
  • What makes Proactive IT Solutions a ten out of ten is their consistency of service.

    The staff are efficient and they are all a friendly bunch as well. They follow the same processes with what to expect and they are very efficient with getting back to me and fixing any problems that we have.

    They get back to me within the same day, usually within a couple of hours depending on the urgency, which is really fantastic. What makes the staff friendly is that they are always willing to help, I never feel as though I am inconveniencing them and they do their jobs really well without a trouble.
  • As a Real Estate Agency, I am writing to give Proactive IT Solutions my highest recommendation.

    Our business is driven by internet marketing. Our database stores all of our client details and financial records of all transactions; we also rely heavily on internet banking to process payments from our tenants and to our Landlords. Much of our communication with our clients and other staff members is done via email. Any computer downtime is costly to our business.

    We had been with the same provider for over 10 years and were provided with support when there was a problem. As a result of the non ‘pro-active’ approach we were beginning feel the effects of downtime, impacting on staff productivity and the level of service we were providing to our clients.

    As a result of using Proactive IT Solutions, we now have a strategic approach to IT upgrades and replacement which ties in with our business goals and strategies. The proactive approach to our IT management has improved employee productivity and the overall morale.

    Looking into the future with the IT structure I have in place and planning that Proactive IT Solutions has assisted me with, I see all future IT challenges being stress free and dealt with ease.

    The pro-active approach and fast support request times have far exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend the services of Proactive IT Solutions.

    Yours faithfully,
    Sharon Knot, Office Manager
  • We have used the services of Damien and Proactive IT Solutions over the past five years to manage and evaluate our computer needs within our organisation.

    Being an independent real estate agency in the Ringwood area and having to decide on our own hardware and software computer requirements, it is majorly important we can rely on the services of a trustworthy, experienced and proactive company that can provide advice, implementation strategies, and the technical knowledge to reduce computer downtime during our day. Operating 17 computers and two servers, being responsible for a financial trust accounting system that is audited regularly and ensuring communication lines in all facets are kept open with our clients demands that computer functionality is paramount in our business.

    Prior to using Proactive IT Solutions our computer maintenance program was minimal and our hardware and software were dating and increasingly crashing. This was creating extended work hours to employees and Directors alike and a great deal of frustration. Our previous support company could not comprehend or deal with the growth and developing needs of our company.

    As a result of appointing Proactive IT Solutions regular system maintenance improved dramatically, computer hardware and software was strategically updated and their promptness in dealing with our issues has been exemplary. They have also been instrumental in developing our servers and ensuring a smooth transition into our new premises with minimal down time being incurred.

    Moving into the future we have the service and maintenance programs offered by Proactive IT Solutions to incorporate growth and develop our services to our clients with the computer support needed. We feel we are geared, from a computer infrastructure point of view, to deal with future challenges.

    We would highly recommend using the services of Proactive IT and welcome any enquiry you may have as to their reliability and service standards.

    Yours faithfully
    Neil Rhodes, Director
    C E Carter & Son Pty Ltd

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