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  1. Password 1234

    Are your passwords easy to hack?

    Posted: October 10 2017

    Passwords are a necessary evil of modern life, but did you know that your passwords are probably leaving you open to the very real possibility of being hacked? Best practice password management, while not the most interesting topic in technology, is critical to protecting your information and privacy. It’s an area that many people struggle […]

  2. Paper plane flying in a blue sky

    When the cloud goes down

    Posted: April 14 2017

    Imagine one of your critical business systems being unavailable to you for 72 hours. This is what happened to many businesses recently when Webcity, a provider of hosting services, suffered a major outage. Thousands of people had no website or email during the outage and, for many of them, there was little they could do […]

  3. Business man holding mobile phone

    Your mobile phone makes identity theft so simple, it’s criminal

    Posted: April 7 2017

    Did you know your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge? It’s amazing how reliant we are on our mobile phones. Making phone calls is almost a secondary feature of the technology these days. You’re more likely to use your mobile to do your banking, read the news, check in on social media, send an […]

  4. Password 1234

    How I remember over 100 passwords

    Posted: March 30 2017

    The other day I worked out how many different online logins I have. It was well over 100! Can you remember 100 different passwords? I know I can’t. Security best practice states that you should have a different, complex password for each and every account login. According to this article the average person can remember […]

  5. Cyber crime word cloud

    Why you will be hacked

    Posted: March 27 2017

    I recently heard a story about a person who had their Uber account hacked which resulted in someone being able to order Uber trips using their account – and their credit card – halfway across the world. This story illustrates how hackers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to defraud us and how […]

  6. NBN logo

    Where’s my NBN?

    Posted: March 20 2017

    There’s no denying it, Australia has slow internet. Each week clients complain to me about their slow internet and their limited and generally expensive alternative options. The NBN promised to fix this by delivering fast and affordable internet to all Australians. The reality however is very different, with the NBN rollout being be slow and […]

  7. Power icon

    When the power goes off …

    Posted: March 6 2017

    Any interruption to your power supply is a problem not only because of the immediate impact on business operations but also because it’s a big contributor to IT disruption and equipment failure. The problems with our power supply Most organisations are critically dependent on IT equipment and access to the data network, in real time, […]

  8. Man with tablet in cafe

    Quick guide: buying a tablet

    Posted: February 23 2017

    The complaint I hear most often about laptop computers is how heavy they can be – and how expensive it is to buy an ultra-lite. I get it, you want all the features of a desktop PC, but you also want hassle-free portability. Maybe you’ve been looking at the problem all wrong. Ask yourself why […]

  9. Cyber crime word cloud

    Infographic: Three reasons hackers love your small business

    Posted: February 16 2017

    Online criminals are increasingly targeting small business because they’re easier to hack. ProITS has some tips for protecting your data.

  10. Upload speed vs download speed

    Infographic: Internet speeds explained

    Posted: February 9 2017

    ADSL, cable, fixed wireless, or fibre. What kind of internet connection do you need, and what is the difference anyway?

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Security and compliance

If you want to play with the big boys, you have to play by their rules. This was the case with a client working in the financial services industry when they were awarded a contract from one of the larger investment firms.

A condition of the contract is that they needed to comply with a list of high availability and security requirements – well above what they presently had in place. They sent their list of requirements to us and we put together a project plan to roll out these changes within the required timeframe.