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Cloud Solutions

Still not sure whether to employ cloud computing or an on-premise IT infrastructure in your business? Proactive IT Solutions can guide you through the decision-making process.

Whether to move your IT infrastructure to the cloud is a critical decision for your business. Cloud computing promises a completely different type of responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency in IT service delivery; but it does have its pitfalls.

You’ll need to assess the pros and cons of a fully cloud-based system, an entirely on-premise system, or a hybrid model.

In a traditional on-premise system, you’ll have full control over the entire IT infrastructure including software, applications and databases; but building this infrastructure usually means significant expenditure.

Cloud computing allows everything from processing power to computer infrastructure, applications, business processes and interpersonal communication to be delivered as an online service at any time and place you need it; and it usually requires a much lower up-front investment.

A hybrid model provides a choice to combine both cloud-based services and on-premise solutions based on specific business needs and technical considerations.

Successful deployment of technology – be it through a cloud, on-premise or hybrid delivery model – depends on understanding your particular business. Proactive IT Solutions will identify your needs and assess your options to customise a quality, cost effective, solution designed to facilitate optimal business performance.

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Client Stories

Security and compliance

If you want to play with the big boys, you have to play by their rules. This was the case with a client working in the financial services industry when they were awarded a contract from one of the larger investment firms.

A condition of the contract is that they needed to comply with a list of high availability and security requirements – well above what they presently had in place. They sent their list of requirements to us and we put together a project plan to roll out these changes within the required timeframe.