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MS Office 365 email

Paul Edgar P/L is a small firm of Accountants and Financial Planners with five staff computers and an aging Microsoft Small Business Server.

The server hardware is reaching the end of its life and needs replacing; and the company had been experiencing compatibility issues between their MS SBS 2003 email exchange and 2013 version of MS Outlook running on their desktop and laptop computers. Any new computers had needed to be downgraded to MS Office 2010 in order to integrate with the email exchange.

The day was fast approaching that staff would no longer be able to access email from their mobile devices; and there was a significant risk that, in the event of server hardware failure, the company would lose all access to email data for two business days while Proactive IT Solutions worked to restore it from a backup file.

The obvious solution was to replace the server, and update to the current version of MS Server. However, purchasing a new server is expensive and Paul Edgar Pty Ltd requested a less costly alternative.

Proactive IT Solutions suggested a staged approach to solving the problems and risks associated with the aging server. The email exchange will be moved from the aging on-site server to the cloud via MS Office 365. This will ensure continuous and secure access to Paul Edgar Pty Ltd’s email data; with minimal disruption to business as all historical data can be uploaded to Office 365 before switching over.

There are other benefits that the company will enjoy, including:

  • shared calendars
  • enhanced security, such as the ability to remotely remove email data from an tablet of mobile phone if it is lost or stolen
  • higher storage capacity of up to 50Gb per user – the current email exchange cannot exceed 72Gb in data for the whole company
  • use of the Outlook Web App for remote email access, which has superior functionality and a much better user interface.

This solution has meant that Paul Edgar Pty Ltd continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to email correspondence without fear of data corruption or business downtime; and it has enabled them to delay the costly exercise of replacing their server.

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MS Office 365 email

Moving the email exchange from an aging on-site server to the cloud via MS Office 365 will ensure continuous and secure access to company email data; with minimal disruption to business.