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  1. Are your passwords easy to hack?

    Posted: October 10 2017

    Passwords are a necessary evil of modern life, but did you know that your passwords are probably leaving you open to the very real possibility of being hacked? Best practice password management, while not the most interesting topic in technology, is critical to protecting your information and privacy. It’s an area that many people struggle […]

  2. Your mobile phone makes identity theft so simple, it’s criminal

    Posted: April 7 2017

    Did you know your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge? It’s amazing how reliant we are on our mobile phones. Making phone calls is almost a secondary feature of the technology these days. You’re more likely to use your mobile to do your banking, read the news, check in on social media, send an […]

  3. How I remember over 100 passwords

    Posted: March 30 2017

    The other day I worked out how many different online logins I have. It was well over 100! Can you remember 100 different passwords? I know I can’t. Security best practice states that you should have a different, complex password for each and every account login. According to this article the average person can remember […]

  4. Why you will be hacked

    Posted: March 27 2017

    I recently heard a story about a person who had their Uber account hacked which resulted in someone being able to order Uber trips using their account – and their credit card – halfway across the world. This story illustrates how hackers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to defraud us and how […]

  5. Infographic: Three reasons hackers love your small business

    Posted: February 16 2017

    Online criminals are increasingly targeting small business because they’re easier to hack. ProITS has some tips for protecting your data.

  6. Six tips to keep you and your devices secure in the gig economy

    Posted: January 30 2017

    The “gig economy”, where workers take on ad hoc jobs or are engaged as independent contractors has clear benefits for firms. Employers save on training, capital expenses (they don’t pay for offices or tools) and have a ready pool of potential candidates. But on the flipside, workers are taking on more risk. Whether it’s insecure […]

  7. 2016 cyber threat report: how to protect your business

    Posted: January 19 2017

    Have you ever watched one of those epic nature documentary scenes where wolves are preying on a herd of bison? The wolves eventually pick off a weak individual from the edge of the herd, while most of the bison in the middle of the herd are pretty safe. If you think about the cyber threat […]

  8. How to stop hackers getting to your network

    Posted: January 12 2017

    Let me give you a solid number to consider from the Australian Cyber Security Centre. In a period between 2014 and 2015, there were 15,000 malware compromises (as in, an incident where a system was successfully harmed) reported daily in Australia. I have my calculator on hand, and I can tell you that is close […]

  9. Warning! Free wi-fi might cost you more than you think

    Posted: November 17 2016

    You’re travelling, the cost of data roaming is through the roof, and your hotel has free wi-fi, and you … … and you don’t connect. Right? I know how tempting it is to use free wi-fi when you’re on the go, but it’s a big risk to take. I also know that there are times […]

  10. One stolen iPad can ruin your whole day

    Posted: September 12 2016

    A lost or stolen laptop, phone or tablet at the wrong time, and landing in the wrong hands, is disruptive at best and disastrous at worst. With a proactive approach, theft of devices need only be a minor hiccup. Physical recovery is not the answer In most cases, a thief will remove a SIM card […]

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