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  1. 5 Apps I Use To Hack My Productivity

    Posted: November 14 2017

    We are all busy people trying to squeeze more out of our work days. The saying “work smarter, not harder” is certainly apt; and technology makes it easier than ever to follow this advice. There is an app to help us with every facet of our lives and the beauty is that many of these […]

  2. Why do our devices slow down?

    Posted: October 30 2017

    Why do phones, tablets and computers always slow down as they get older, to the point that they become unusable, but when I back it up and restore it onto a brand new device, it’s fast again (despite not changing any of the installed software)? Plenty of misconceptions and conspiracy theories surround this topic. Internet […]

  3. When the power goes off …

    Posted: March 6 2017

    Any interruption to your power supply is a problem not only because of the immediate impact on business operations but also because it’s a big contributor to IT disruption and equipment failure. The problems with our power supply Most organisations are critically dependent on IT equipment and access to the data network, in real time, […]

  4. Quick guide: buying a tablet

    Posted: February 23 2017

    The complaint I hear most often about laptop computers is how heavy they can be – and how expensive it is to buy an ultra-lite. I get it, you want all the features of a desktop PC, but you also want hassle-free portability. Maybe you’ve been looking at the problem all wrong. Ask yourself why […]

  5. CRM software is the ultimate wingman for small business

    Posted: January 26 2017

    Small business owners like myself are aware – no, painfully aware – that our clients are central to the success of our business. As I’ve discussed before, delighting clients is what drives the growth of my business. So it can be difficult to consider trading-in intensely managed, personal relationships for cold, clerical software. Unfortunately, with […]

  6. When the power goes off …

    Posted: December 1 2016

    I love heading to the beach during summer, but seasonal heatwaves bring some unfortunate realities. Bushfire season, wild summer storms and blocks of days over 35 degrees all push our emergency and utilities services to their absolute limits. Power disruptions are just one of the inevitable consequences of these conditions. The unreliability of Melbourne’s power […]

  7. Unleash your presentations: What you need to know about wireless display options

    Posted: November 10 2016

    I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of cables. Cables running between desks … cables taped to the floor … rummaging through the sea of cables to find the one I need … There has to be a better way, right? Well, whether you’re on the road or office-based, connecting wirelessly to the […]

  8. Life’s too short for a slow computer – here’s how to get yours back in shape

    Posted: November 3 2016

    Are you frustrated by a poorly performing computer? They work so beautifully when they’re new, and often deteriorate so slowly that we don’t even realise the world of pain we’re devolving into as they age. Then, one day, your whole system seems to grind to a halt and you’re left tearing your hair out trying […]

  9. Tech how-to: Improve computer performance

    Posted: November 3 2016

    This article is a technical how-to related to the article Life’s too short for a slow computer – here’s how to get yours back in shape; which outlines some simple ways to add life to your middle-aged PCs and laptops. If you need help with a hard drive or RAM upgrade, or if you need help with […]

  10. Top 6 recommendations for fewer printer frustrations

    Posted: October 27 2016

    If your business still relies on hard copy reports, contracts, forms, handouts and promotional materials then a good printer is an essential piece of office kit. It’s worth spending a bit more for a good printer than going with the cheaper one. Like anything, you get what you pay for. Cheap printers can be unreliable, […]

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