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  1. Where’s my NBN?

    Posted: March 20 2017

    There’s no denying it, Australia has slow internet. Each week clients complain to me about their slow internet and their limited and generally expensive alternative options. The NBN promised to fix this by delivering fast and affordable internet to all Australians. The reality however is very different, with the NBN rollout being be slow and […]

  2. Infographic: Internet speeds explained

    Posted: February 9 2017

    ADSL, cable, fixed wireless, or fibre. What kind of internet connection do you need, and what is the difference anyway?

  3. Explainer: what is a virtual private network (VPN)?

    Posted: February 6 2017

    Have you ever wanted to exist in more than one place at the same time? The laws of physics suggest wormholes through space and time are hypothetical; but wormholes do exist in cyberspace and wonders can be found on the other side. We call these cyberspace wormholes virtual private network (VPN) connections. Point-to-point A VPN […]

  4. Infographic: Does your website need an update?

    Posted: December 22 2016

    With the recent revelation that Google is changing it’s Chrome web browser so that visitors to your website might see a worrying security warning, it may be worth revisiting your entire website build. Your website needs to create trust, make sense and allow people to find what they need. And, most importantly, it needs to […]

  5. Google is moving towards a more secure web, and it’s dragging your website with it whether you like it or not

    Posted: November 24 2016

    Imagine the negative effect it could have to your business if 70% of visitors to your website were warned that the site was insecure! Open up a new tab in your browser and go to your company website. Have a look at the address bar. Does the URL start with HTTPS? If not, then it’s […]

  6. How VoIP could save you

    Posted: October 13 2016

    What if I told you that you could save hundreds of dollars a year by changing one small thing about the way you do business? VoIP (voice over internet protocol) allows you to make voice calls using an internet connection instead of a regular phone line. I’ve used VoIP in my business for many years; […]

  7. Travelling with technology

    Posted: August 30 2016

    Damien takes a break from skiing to explain the essential tech you’ll need to maintain business connectivity when you’re on the road.

  8. Protect your website from hackers: Update your CMS

    Posted: July 25 2016

    Are you having problems with your website? Maybe you’re experiencing errors because your website is old; or seeing viruses or other malicious code embedded in your pages. In some cases, you might even find yourself locked out due to a security breach. If any of these things have happened to you, you may need to […]

  9. Three tips for great website content

    Posted: July 19 2016

    Website content is an area that people often struggle with. In this video, Damien gives three tips for ensuring your website has great content: Think like your customer Answer your customers’ questions Keep it fresh

  10. What do you want your website for?

    Posted: July 18 2016

    So, you have a website. It probably looks nice with all the images and content, but do you know how to use it for your business? Are your business goals and your website aligned? As a business owner, you probably want to increase your profit. In order to achieve that, you think of ways to […]

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