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  1. When the cloud goes down

    Posted: April 14 2017

    Imagine one of your critical business systems being unavailable to you for 72 hours. This is what happened to many businesses recently when Webcity, a provider of hosting services, suffered a major outage. Thousands of people had no website or email during the outage and, for many of them, there was little they could do […]

  2. Website down? Insights on choosing the right web host

    Posted: February 2 2017

    Like most business technologies, when your web hosting is working as it should be you don’t give it a second thought; but, if it fails it can be a massive headache. It’s close to impossible to achieve success in any industry without a reliable website. You want to put your best face forward online, and […]

  3. From Xero to hero – Online accounting apps increase business productivity

    Posted: October 20 2016

    I’m very hands-on in my business. It could be a huge impost on my time if I let it, but I’m able to stay connected and keep an eye on everything from operations to finance quite easily because of the many cloud-based software systems I employ. I’m sure I don’t need to sell you the […]

  4. Going paperless with SharePoint

    Posted: October 10 2016

    If you’re dreaming of a paperless office, and all the productivity advantages that come with it, then you could do a lot worse than looking at SharePoint as your document management system. The best part? If you’ve got Microsoft Office 365, then you’ve already got SharePoint. Read more on transitioning to a paperless office in […]

  5. Are you ready to go paperless?

    Posted: October 9 2016

    Is your business reliant on paper because it makes strategic sense or simply because it’s an old habit? Maybe it’s time to go paperless. ProITS has gone paperless, and we love it Proactive IT Solutions moved to a totally paperless set-up earlier this year, because we found it more effective in our business operations. All […]

  6. 5 cloud apps you should be using in your business

    Posted: June 27 2016

    More businesses are using cloud applications to run their companies with greater efficiency and productivity. Cloud apps are great alternative to traditional on-premise software. They’re simple to use, portable, secure, scalable and cost-effective. They’re also frequently updated to provide extra functionality in response to customer demand. You name it, and there is probably a cloud […]

  7. Moving to the cloud doesn’t always save you money, but with proper planning it can

    Posted: June 20 2016

    Cost savings remain one of the key factors in deciding to move business functions to the cloud; but is this a valid perception? Employing cloud services can mean lower set-up costs – there is no upfront cost, for example, in purchasing expensive hardware or software licenses. Then there are the benefits of increased integration and […]

  8. 6 key considerations for cloud migration

    Posted: June 13 2016

    Moving any significant part of your business to the cloud is a big step, and not to be taken lightly. Like any strategic shift in business operations, it should involve careful research and planning. Here is a rundown of the key things to consider when moving to the cloud. 1. Your strategy Before doing anything […]

  9. Should you ‘cloud’ everything? Probably not …

    Posted: June 6 2016

    More and more businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud because of the many advantages they get; but should you be moving everything to the cloud? What are the pros and cons, the pitfalls, and the things you need to consider? Whether to move your IT infrastructure to the cloud is a critical […]

  10. The cloud isn’t as robust as we think

    Posted: March 7 2016

    The computing cloud we have created supports much of our day-to-day office and leisure activity, from office email to online shopping and sharing holiday photos. Even health, social care and government functions are moving towards digital delivery over the internet. However, we should be wary that as we become more dependent on it, the cracks […]

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