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  1. Your online privacy – or lack thereof

    Posted: November 28 2017

    We often joke that Google knows more about us than our family but did you know that Facebook tracks everything we do online? Facebook say that they use this information to target better advertising at us; but there are real privacy concerns when it comes to this data and how it’s used. Some people even […]

  2. Are You Ready for the NDB Scheme?

    Posted: November 21 2017

    “The what scheme?” I hear you say. Most people have no idea what the NDB – or Notifiable Data Breaches – scheme is but if you run a business you MUST be prepared for when it comes into effect on 22 February 2018. About the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme The NDB scheme is intended to […]

  3. 5 Apps I Use To Hack My Productivity

    Posted: November 14 2017

    We are all busy people trying to squeeze more out of our work days. The saying “work smarter, not harder” is certainly apt; and technology makes it easier than ever to follow this advice. There is an app to help us with every facet of our lives and the beauty is that many of these […]

  4. What you need to know about KRACK

    Posted: October 30 2017

    Some of you may have heard about a new wireless vulnerability that some very smart Belgian researchers discovered. The vulnerability has been called KRACK (love the names they come up with for these!) and potentially exists in all wireless (wi-fi) networks. It could be used to steal your information, or infect your computer. Should you […]

  5. Why do our devices slow down?

    Posted: October 30 2017

    Why do phones, tablets and computers always slow down as they get older, to the point that they become unusable, but when I back it up and restore it onto a brand new device, it’s fast again (despite not changing any of the installed software)? Plenty of misconceptions and conspiracy theories surround this topic. Internet […]

  6. Using email safely

    Posted: October 23 2017

    How hard to you think about an email before you open it? If you are like most people, probably not at all. We use email so frequently that we have become indifferent to the dangers that may be waiting in our inbox. Those dangers come from the daily influx of spam emails that are doing […]

  7. Are your passwords easy to hack?

    Posted: October 10 2017

    Passwords are a necessary evil of modern life, but did you know that your passwords are probably leaving you open to the very real possibility of being hacked? Best practice password management, while not the most interesting topic in technology, is critical to protecting your information and privacy. It’s an area that many people struggle […]

  8. When the cloud goes down

    Posted: April 14 2017

    Imagine one of your critical business systems being unavailable to you for 72 hours. This is what happened to many businesses recently when Webcity, a provider of hosting services, suffered a major outage. Thousands of people had no website or email during the outage and, for many of them, there was little they could do […]

  9. Your mobile phone makes identity theft so simple, it’s criminal

    Posted: April 7 2017

    Did you know your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge? It’s amazing how reliant we are on our mobile phones. Making phone calls is almost a secondary feature of the technology these days. You’re more likely to use your mobile to do your banking, read the news, check in on social media, send an […]

  10. How I remember over 100 passwords

    Posted: March 30 2017

    The other day I worked out how many different online logins I have. It was well over 100! Can you remember 100 different passwords? I know I can’t. Security best practice states that you should have a different, complex password for each and every account login. According to this article the average person can remember […]

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