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December 8 2016

Don’t close for Christmas without …

Just between you and me, I’ve learned some valuable lessons from office holiday closure ‘hiccups’ in the past. At least one client every year has a server problem during the Christmas break due to high temperatures. Here are my five tips for closing up with peace of mind. 1. Test your backup I know, I […]

December 1 2016
Hardware and Software

When the power goes off …

I love heading to the beach during summer, but seasonal heatwaves bring some unfortunate realities. Bushfire season, wild summer storms and blocks of days over 35 degrees all push our emergency and utilities services to their absolute limits. Power disruptions are just one of the inevitable consequences of these conditions. The unreliability of Melbourne’s power […]

November 24 2016
Connectivity News

Google is moving towards a more secure web, and it’s dragging your website with it whether you like it or not

Imagine the negative effect it could have to your business if 70% of visitors to your website were warned that the site was insecure! Open up a new tab in your browser and go to your company website. Have a look at the address bar. Does the URL start with HTTPS? If not, then it’s […]

November 17 2016

Warning! Free wi-fi might cost you more than you think

You’re travelling, the cost of data roaming is through the roof, and your hotel has free wi-fi, and you … … and you don’t connect. Right? I know how tempting it is to use free wi-fi when you’re on the go, but it’s a big risk to take. I also know that there are times […]