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I see all future IT challenges being stress free and dealt with ease ... The pro-active approach and fast support request times have far exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend the services of Proactive IT Solutions.


June 27 2016

5 cloud apps you should be using in your business

More businesses are using cloud applications to run their companies with greater efficiency and productivity. Cloud apps are great alternative to traditional on-premise software. They’re simple to use, portable, secure, scalable and cost-effective. They’re also frequently updated to provide extra functionality in response to customer demand. You name it, and there is probably a cloud […]

June 20 2016

Moving to the cloud doesn’t always save you money, but with proper planning it can

Cost savings remain one of the key factors in deciding to move business functions to the cloud; but is this a valid perception? Employing cloud services can mean lower set-up costs – there is no upfront cost, for example, in purchasing expensive hardware or software licenses. Then there are the benefits of increased integration and […]

June 13 2016

6 key considerations for cloud migration

Moving any significant part of your business to the cloud is a big step, and not to be taken lightly. Like any strategic shift in business operations, it should involve careful research and planning. Here is a rundown of the key things to consider when moving to the cloud. 1. Your strategy Before doing anything […]

June 7 2016

Internet speeds explained

ADSL, ethernet over copper, fixed wireless, or fibre. What kind of internet connection do you need, and what is the difference anyway? In this video, Damien explains why choosing the right kind of internet connection is integral to hassle-free cloud computing.