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September 26 2016
Hardware and Software

Your perfect match: Finding the laptop that’s right for you

As a business owner, I couldn’t live without my laptop. With the flexibility and mobility afforded by cloud apps and online storage, I can work on my laptop from anywhere. You can’t work in IT for over a decade, as I have, without learning a thing or two about making technology work for you. So, […]

September 19 2016
Hardware and Software News

It’ll cost you … A guide to laptop prices

Laptops are a great business tool, I love mine. More and more people now are opting for a laptop over a desktop; and choosing the right one is important since you will be stuck with it for at least 3 years. One question I get asked a lot is how much you should spend on […]

September 12 2016

One stolen iPad can ruin your whole day

A lost or stolen laptop, phone or tablet at the wrong time, and landing in the wrong hands, is disruptive at best and disastrous at worst. With a proactive approach, theft of devices need only be a minor hiccup. Physical recovery is not the answer In most cases, a thief will remove a SIM card […]

September 5 2016

Presence of mind is the key: What to do if your laptop is stolen

Like many of us, I use a laptop and travel with it frequently. My laptop has my life on it, so having it stolen is a nightmare scenario. According to US research by security vendor Symantec, approximately 97 percent of stolen laptops are never recovered. Having your laptop stolen is traumatic. Aside from the inconvenience […]